Solar PV for Homes

Over the course of a year, a typical domestic solar photovoltaic (PV) system in our location can generate more electricity than the total power consumption of your household.   Of course, this varies with the seasons, the weather and your energy consumption habits. 

We are clubbing together to procure high quality domestic solar PV systems  (and energy storage where suited) at the best possible price. Our first two PV systems were installed in May 2020, in time for the summer sun – see photos below. Since then, thanks to the sunny weather, each PV system has produced more than twice as much electricity as was consumed in each home.

Following installation of PV, the next step is to ensure that the full benefit of rooftop solar stays within our community. This includes both reducing GHG emissions and enabling smaller household energy bills. ‘Energy Local’ is a new programme involving Octopus Energy which aims to develop local ‘peer-to-peer’ power markets. Participating households’ smart meters show exactly when they are using local clean power at the same time as it’s being generated locally. The scheme aims to give PV generators a better price for the power they produce while reducing local household electricity bills. Together with with new flexible time-of-use tariffs, this means that we can be part of the transition to a new ‘smart’ low carbon energy system. 

To find out if solar could be suitable for your home, please try this Solar Home Calculator. Or, if you would like to know more about joining the WNZ PV purchase group or about the new generation of flexible tariffs, please contact us for honest advice or to arrange a home visit. 

Join our Home PV Purchase Group

If you would like to join our PV Purchase group, please contact us. We will then arrange a visit to assess your property’s suitability for a PV installation. If you are also interested in battery electrical storage, during our visit we can discuss whether this could be a suitable option for your household.
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Solar PV for Homes

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